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We integrate Virtual Reality (VR) and emerging technologies to build Smart Fremantle and provide immersive heritage interpretation experience.

Please write “Fremantle” in the search box search fremantle.png below to find more local information in Fremantle.

More than 30 000 Aboriginal Heritage Places are converted to spatial and temporal data and visualised in the interactive visualisation platform.

The project video can be watched here.

A Screen Shot of VR Immersive and interactive heritage interpretation system

Screen Shot 2019-09-08 at 4.35.01 pm.png

How to build the “VR Fremantle”

logic 1.png

Immersive and interactive heritage interpretation system

logic 2.png

Contributions of the project to City of Fremantle and communities

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Project: V (We) R (Are) Fremantle

Team: Next Era Tech

Project Website: https://zacksong.github.io/V-R-Fremantle/

Project Page: V (We) R (Are) Fremantle